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What readers are saying about An Inconvenient Match

Romantic sparks fly between heroes and heroines in many different ways.  Sometimes those sparks come from love at first sight but they also can come from flint hitting steel.   In Janet Dean’s newest book, An Inconvenient Match, two members of feuding families find sparks fly as they butt heads and banter in a way that had this reader turning the pages as quickly as she could.  A lesson in how events can conspire to keep people apart and how forgiveness brings them together again, the romance unfolds in a marvelous manner with obstacles aplenty for the hero and heroine as they find themselves unwillingly falling in love.   

The decisions of Wade Cummings’ father destroyed the livelihood of Abigail Wilson’s father.   In the process, a budding romance between his son and Abigail was snuffed out as well.  But years later, Wade comes to schoolteacher Abigail with a request to care for his convalescing father.  Knowing Abigail needs all the help he can give due to another family tragedy, he makes her an offer she can’t refuse and the fun and romance begins.  Full of surprises, the story rings true as it deals with the consequences of misbehavior and accepting responsibility.  If this is your first Janet Dean book, go back and read the preceding stories set in New Harmony.  An Inconvenient Match is just the latest in a stellar series.

WOW!! Just finished the book---yet another page-turner! I don't know how you do it, but they seem to get better and better each time. You're writing is something else. As a former co-worker of mine used to say, "You go girl." 

"An Inconvenient Match" was a masterpiece, and I don't say that lightly.

What readers are saying about Wanted: A Family

Janet. I just finished your recent book called the "Wanted a family. I love it. I enjoyed it tremendously!!!  I think this one is your best one yet. I felt like I was there seeing all this. Like watching Hallmark movies.  Keep up the good work, Janet.  God bless you.   Ruthie

Janet Dean finds the most amazing tidbits of history to wrap around her characters. I love it when I learn something new when reading a historical novel. Ms. Dean's character driven story is heartwarming and charming. Callie and Jacob are so real, you really want them to come together and heal the hurts of their past. I look forward to more from Ms. Dean.  Sandra

Ms. Dean, I just finished "Wanted: A Family" and I loved it. I could not put the book down. When a book holds my attention from the first chapter, I know it is going to be a good read. I will check out your website for more of your books.

What readers are saying about The Substitute Bride

You' will LOVE this delicious mail-order bride tale that has enough romantic heat to bake biscuits and then some!!    Author Julie Lessman: 
It has been years since I have read a book this good.  I really enjoy these inspiration based romance novels.  This one was so good I didn't want to put it down.  I was dreading to see it end.  You are very talented.

My husband and I just finished reading The Substitute Bride and agree it needs to be made into a movie for families.  God bless!

Janet, I was thrilled with The Substitute Bride.  I am fond of marriage of convenience stories when I read inspirational romance and you did the subgenre proud.  As a former pastor, I wondered how Ted would work through his feelings about his Call.  How he “used his gifts” when Elizabeth had been taken captive was just masterful and exactly what I hoped would happen as the book unfolded.  It is not easy to create a hero who is also called to preach.  Elizabeth is now my new favorite heroine of yours.  What a spunky, likable woman with a can do attitude if I ever read one.

What readers are saying about Courting the Doctor's Daughter

I recently read your book "Courting the Doctor's Daughter" and absolutely loved it!  It's a wonderful story told simply.  I love stories like that where complications abound and resolutions are found. 

Janet Dean has written the historical fiction book of my heart. I love a hero who must fight past his inner wounds to win the girl. In fact, in Courting the Doctor's Daughter, Dean writes of two people, wounded by life's harshness and the failure of those they had depended upon, who come together over the fate of a young orphan boy.

I just finished your book, Courting the Doctor's Daughter and really enjoyed it. It is so very hard these days to find books that reflect the pure and holy love of God. Thank you.

I must go. Gotta start book #3!

Keep 'em coming!

What readers are saying about Courting Miss Adelaide

An excellent book! I loved the story, and I still hear Adelaide's voice in my head (the sign of a great story, in my opinion)! You won't want to miss this debut novel from Janet Dean. I look forward to future books by this author. Missy

This book was so good! Wonderfully written, it holds you in it's grip until the last page. It's one of the best Christian romance novels I've ever read. I can't wait for Janet Dean's next novel! Five stars all the way!!!

COURTING MISS ADELAIDE is a moving and powerful story. I was totally wrapped up in the characters, the small-town setting, and the events that took place. I'm really looking forward to reading Janet Dean's next book!