Thursday, August 30, 2007

My cup overflows

Nothing blesses me more than celebrating our daughters' birthdays. They're grown-ups now, married with children of their own, but after Jesus, they're God's greatest gifts to us. All their lives they brought us joy and a fresh look at this world. They've opened new paths we'd never have traveled without them. Today is our younger daughter's birthday. I remember her as a baby--big-eyed, skin like silk, barely any hair and a tiny hand that curled around my index finger. She was precious then and she still is. Happy birthday, sweetheart!


Heather Gatman said...

Thanks, Mom for the great birthday wishes! Okay so it took me 2 months to get back onto your fault!

What a sweet memory and I actually "get it" because I feel the same way about my two boys....looking back as they grow I remember so fondly those first few days. They were so tiny and precious and as you said, still are!

Love you, Mom!

Janet Dean said...

Your precious boys are two of life's greatest blessings!

Love, Mom