Wednesday, April 9, 2008


In an August 15, 2007 post, I credited a shop owner on the island of Capri for inventing the Capri Pant. I've been corrected by Dr. Sylvia DeLennart, PHD. She informed me that her mother Sonja de Lennart is the inventor of the Capri Pant, not a French or Italian woman. I apologize for the error. If interested in more information on the inventor, visit:



Ruth Axtell Morren said...

Hi Janet,
Just visiting your blog.
Interesting info about capris :)

Janet Dean said...

Hi Ruth, nice of you to stop at my blog. I'm posting in Seekerville on Monday and spend lots of time there. If you get a minute, stop and say hello. It's a happening place.


Shirley Jump said...

You got tagged, Janet :-) Visit my blog and see the rules:


Caryn said...

Wow. Straight from the source. :-D I've actually encountered a few commenters who I think search the internet for particular words in order to correct misinformation bloggers may be spreading. It kind of amuses me.