Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy day!

Mary Connealy, author of Calico Canyon, a good friend and Seeker pal suggested I get my picture taken holding Courting Miss Adelaide. Since I know better than to ignore Mary's advice, here I am in my office holding a copy of my debut novel. In two months it will be in the stores so you can hold it, too. :-)
If you haven't read one of Mary's book, pick up a copy of Calico Canyon. I loved it!


Keli Gwyn said...

What a thrill it must be to hold your "first-born" in your hands. Congratulations. I can't wait until Courting Miss Adelaide hits the shelves in my local Wal-mart. I'll be the first in town to snatch up a copy.

Janet Dean said...

I'm as excited as a new mom. :-)Thanks for your interest in Courting Miss Adelaide, Keli!


Anonymous said...

You match your book, lol. Okay why am I not surprised. You both look stellar. I am so excited to read this book. The cover is outstanding.

Janet Dean said...

I hardly match the cover, but spoken like a true friend. Thanks

Hugs, Janet

susie said...

Although we haven't been in touch in a long time I keep track of your journey and am so happy on the soon delivery of your new baby. Wow! How exciting is that! Congratulations from a fellow dreamer pal. You give me hope. Love to see you again, sometime.

Sue Maley

Janet Dean said...

Sue, how good to hear from you! Hang on to your hope! Courting Miss Adelaide is proof that dreams do come true. Thanks for keeping tabs on this incredible journey. Let's do coffee. I'll be in touch.


Ausjenny said...

Thats so cool and a great photo. I hope I get to read your new book. (will check if it makes it to Australia) Or when in canada will check out if i can find it.

Janet Dean said...

Hi Jenny,

I hope Steeple Hill's books make it to Australia. It seems to me that romance is strong there.

Thanks for stopping!