Monday, April 27, 2009

Courting Miss Adelaide in Thorndike hardback

If you haven't seen Thorndike's large print hardback version of Courting Miss Adelaide now on Amazon, it's on the right. Nothing like the original paperback version from my publisher Steeple Hill, but sweet in it's own way.
Which cover do you prefer?



Edna said...

Your books sound so great, sorry you have a broken tor I know how that must hurt, I have never had a broken bone but had a total knee replacement. If you are havign a contest please enter me.


Janet Dean said...

Hi Edna, compared to a knee replacement, a broken toe is nothing.

I'm sorry. I'm not having a contest but will be on several blogs this month for the release of my second book, Courting the Doctor's Daughter. I'll give the addresses this next week.