Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bald eagle sighting

My husband and I were out for a leisurely drive in the country to look at the Fall leaves. Ahead of us, we saw this large shape alongside the road. About the time we spotted it, it flew. The large size and white head and tail told us we'd seen a bald eagle.

At the spot where we'd seen the eagle was a opposum. I didn't realize eagles ate dead creatures. This opposum wasn't playing dead.

We drove on past, then returned, hoping to get an even closer look. As we approached, the eagle veered and flew off. Then we spotted two large birds in the distant trees, easy to see from that distance. We didn't see any sign of a nest so I suspect they were out cruising and stopped for dinner.

I'd never seen an eagle up close before. It's a very impressive bird. A friend captured this eagle on film near his home in Florida.

Blessings, Janet


Myra Johnson said...

What a thrill! We frequently have hawks flying around the woods behind our house, and sometimes they alight on the back fence. We're always in awe!

Janet Dean said...

We were in awe, Myra! Hawks would look small alongside the bald eagle. Thankfully, eagles are no longer on the endangered species list.