Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gourd Christmas tree

Several years ago in my pre-pubbed days, I went through a gourd painting phase, producing Santas, large and small, snowmen, even angels with netting wings. I loved painting with friends. We used hard shell gourds that last for ages and acrylic paints, then sprayed them with a topcoat that protected the paint and gave them a sheen.

I made so many I had enough to decorate a small tree in my kitchen. Here's a close up. They are a bit weird but they make me smile.

To paint Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus I looked at Christmas cards. I left the background of the gourd natural to give the look of the stable walls.

I painted the snowman from directions in a gourd painting How To book.

If you like to paint with acrylics, try painting on hard shell gourds that have been cleaned. It's fun!
Blessings, Janet


Carla Gade said...

They are adorable. What's the snowman's name . . . Gordie? You did an amazing job on the nativity one. You are one talented lady!

I so enjoy your novels. :)

Lisa Faye Harman said...

These are adorable. I chuckled because my two sisters are going through a gourd painting phase right now! I saw one that was made into a salad bowl for sale in Ft Wayne for 30 bucks.

Janet Dean said...

Hi Carla. I hadn't named my snowman, but Gordie may just stick. Thanks for your sweet words. You've made my day!


Janet Dean said...

Thanks Lisa! Are your sisters members of the Indiana Gourd Society? The organization hosts a fun show once a year, I think in Kokomo. The salad bowl gourd must have loads of protective layers that are safe for food. Cool!