Friday, September 24, 2010

A red letter day!!!

It's a red letter day when this Steeple Hill author gets her photo with her wonderful agent Karen Solem on the blog of Publisher's Weekly If you've got a minute, check it out. A huge thanks to Barbara Vey and Cathy Shouse, PW cub reporter and author of Images of America: Fairmount for sharing our picture and giving a overview of the American Christian Fiction Writers' conference held in Indianapolis last weekend where this photo was taken.
Not sure the clickable link is working. If not, copy and paste:

Blessings, Janet


Myra Johnson said...

Very, very fun, Janet!

Janet Dean said...

Thanks Myra! I felt blessed to be part of the fun.

Kayleen said...

Janet, I'll have to find a c. of PW and check this out. Cathy is a good friend of mine. To have both of you conn'd to the same article is super!

Janet Dean said...

Thanks, Kayleen!