Friday, September 30, 2011

Last day for a chance to win a Kindle with 14 eBooks!

My good friend and Seeker sister, Pam Hillman is giving away a Kindle loaded with 14 eBooks, one of which is my book Courting Miss Adelaide. For a chance to win visit:

Click on the cover of Stealing Jake, Pam's debut for the link to enter. Today is the last day of the contest!



Jackie S. said...

Janet, I am looking for a way to send you a note....and say I just finished reading Wanted: A Family. I really enjoyed it; such a fantastic, inspiring book! I hope to read more of your books!

Janet Dean said...

I'm delighted you enjoyed Wanted: A Family! Thank you! You've made my day!! You can always contact me though my Web site:

For a chance to win in contests, you need to click on the link and leave a comment at the site it takes you to.