Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Welcome Camy Tang!

Hi y’all! This is Camy Tang, and for this stop on my blog tour, Janet suggested I interview HER!

I love interview questions. Let’s hope Janet has a strong constitution. Hehehe.

1) If you were a dessert, what would you be and why? (I would be a peach melba, because I have a lot of variety in me of creamy, fruity, and tart, and I’m not too sweet.)

Peach anything sounds good to me, Camy. I applaud the tart in you. And I mean that in the nicest way. :-)

I’d be a cream puff. A well baked cream puff does not collapse. The hollow within is filled with lots of good stuff. It’s protected by a sturdy top and drizzled with chocolate. Yummy. But the best part—cream puffs are supposed to be lumpy.

2) What was your first job? (I worked at the public library shelving books, but I have to confess I often hid away in the back room, reading the books I was supposed to be shelving.)

Writers are readers first. Glad you found a way to squeeze some research in. Camy.

I babysat, of course, but my first real job was in college. I worked at an elementary school taking care of the kids in the lunchroom and on the playground. I met my husband there. The kids would sing Janet and Dale sitting in a tree… That was before our first date. We must have been sending off vibes.

3) Do you have an iPod or MP3 player? What color is it/would it be? (Mine is PINK! Naturally.)

You look great in pink. Is that your favorite color?
I don’t like using ear phones so my MP3 player is a boom box, silver and black. I got it to listen to RWA workshop recordings.

4) Do you drink tea or coffee, and how do you take it? (I like coffee but most often drink tea, English-style with milk and honey, although I only do that in the mornings because it’s not very good for me—but you probably don’t have to worry about it, you sexy lady, you. I totally want your figure.)

I love coffee. I can’t get moving in the morning without it. And what’s dessert without coffee? Though at night, it’s decaf. When I’m sick, I want hot tea. I like iced tea in the summer. I drink it all.

I paid Camy to say I have a sexy figure. :-) In reality, I’ve learned how to dress to hide the cream puff lumps.

5) Describe your dream vacation. (Captain Caffeine and I would head to ITALY! Where we would EAT ALL DAY!!!!! And the Captain would drink LOTS OF ESPRESSOS!!!!)

We share the same dream vacation location! Our dream came true when my husband and I spent fifteen days in Italy last year. We visited Rome, Pisa, Milan, Florence, Lake Maggoire, Venice, Verona, Assisi, Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri. Loved it all! If you dig through my old posts, you’ll see some of our pictures. The food was great! I prefer cappuccinos and the wonderful Italian lattes to espressos.

Thanks for having me here, Janet! (I hope I didn’t cause you too much abject embarrassment.) Before I go, I want to tell people about my huge website contest going on right now—I’m giving away five boxes of Christian fiction books and 25 copies of my latest release, ONLY UNI. Only members of my newsletter YahooGroup are eligible to enter, so join today: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Camys_Loft/join. And people can find out more about the contest here: http://www.camytang.com/contest.html.

Thanks, Janet!

Thanks, Camy, for stopping at Cup of Faith. Your questions were fun. Camy is one of the Seekers over at Seekerville.blogspot.com and a good friend. I hope readers will stop at Camy’s loft and sign up for her newsletter. It’s a good one and you’ll be fortunate indeed if you win. I've read Only Uni and it's a wonderful book! If you post a comment, I'll put you in the drawing to win a copy here.



Hannah said...

i'd love to win a copy of only uni! i loved sushi for one!!! hsmuda[at]gmail[dot]com thanks!

sqrlmom said...

This was fun. You're a great interviewer, Camy. Janet, you need to share how to hide those lumps. My dessert would be something like a popcorn ball!

Anonymous said...

even tho I missed out in the book discussion, I would still love to read the book, thanks!

Julie Lessman said...

What a fun interview, Camy and Janet!!

And, Janet, awwww ... what a great story about how you met Dale and the little kids singing "Janet & Dale, sittin' in a tree ..." Now it would be complete if you two really had ever kissed in a tree ...

Cam, anything peach is my favorite, too. And, Janet, you are a cream puff, you sweet thing, you!


Unknown said...

What a fun idea. Great blog by the way.


Janet Dean said...

LOL, about the popcorn ball, Nina! My mother-in-law made popcorn balls. Loved them!

Janet Dean said...

Thanks, Julie! I'm a big fan of cream puffs, one of the few desserts I make besides cake. My mom always made them and stuffed them with ice cream. I love pudding fillings and ice cream. Can't overdo when it comes to sweets. :-)


Janet Dean said...

Thanks for stopping Michelle, Nina, Stamped with Grace and Hannah! Appreciate it! I'll be drawing the lucky winner on Friday.


Mary Connealy said...

Hi Camy and Janet. A very interesting interview, although now I'm not sure which of you is the peach melba and I know you're both a couple of cream puffs.
And also...
Now I'm hungry.

Even more interesting (I know, you'll be the judge of what's interesting) there's no heat in my building today and I might be sent home.


Janet Dean said...

We're sure enough sweet things! :-)

Mary, about that heat in the building where you work: I'm starting to suspect you're tinkering with the furnace.


Crystal Laine said...

Well, this was a fun interview! Love it. You don't need to enter me in the Only Uni drawing as I already have it!

I learned even more about the both of you, so this was a great format.

I have no idea what kind of dessert I am. This question always intrigues and baffles me.

Kathy said...

What a fun interview! Thanks to both of you for giving me a great start to my day. I'm reading Sushi for One right now and loving it.

sumballo [at] gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Camy, pink is your color. You look awesome. I am reading Only Uni this week, and having a good old time too. :)

Janet Dean said...

Crystal, just pick your favorite dessert and find a comparison. They're all sweet and that means you qualify. Thanks for stopping!


Janet Dean said...

Kathy, I loved Sushi for One but I even enjoyed Only Uni more! Camy develops interesting jobs/hobbies for her characters and puts them through the wringer. That's where the tart part of the Peach Melba Camy shows up.

Janet Dean said...

Hey, Tina, good to see you! I really enjoyed Trish. Who's your favorite cousin so far?

Missy Tippens said...

Fun interview and great questions! I enjoyed getting to know both of you better.

I have to say I read too quickly and thought Camy was aksing Janet what desert (you know, arid place with sand dunes) she would be! LOL

Don't enter me. I own the book! Can't wait to read it.


Donna said...

This was one of the best interviews I have read. What a lot of fun.

Please enter me in the contest.


Carolynn said...

LOL, I wish we all knew how to dress to hide the cream puff lumps:). Thanks for the fun interview, I look forward to reading the book!

Elizabeth Guest said...

I really enjoyed the Q&A, Camy and Janet!

What kind of dessert would I be? Well, I love bread pudding and custard and ice cream drumsticks and sugarfree popsicles and creme brulee . . . so I'd be a little of everything. :-)

Happy Tuesday all!
Elizabeth Guest

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Janet, you need to post about hiding the cream puff lumps. Seriously.


Like you really have any.

Camy, how much fun is this new book! Don't enter me because Only Uni and I are old friends now. And I love that you guys twisted the interview but that's too be expected because you're both a mite twisted yourselves.

And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

Most days.

And I'm not even SPEAKING to Mary who gets sent home, WITH PAY more than any person on the planet.

Oh my stars, that's just so....

(I'm being nice here)

Goldanged fortunate for her and no one deserves it more.

(Ruthy, trying to hold down gag reflex...)

Gals, so much fun hanging out with you. Now I'm back to work. Some of us don't get the day off...

Naming no names.



Janet Dean said...

Missy, Since you read desert instead of dessert, I'll admit to wanting to be a camel. Who else can get away with spitting in your eye and never needs a potty break? ;-)

Janet Dean said...

Thanks for stopping Carolynn and Donna! You're in the pot for Only Uni.

Janet Dean said...

Elizabeth, a woman after my own heart! Wish I'd thought to say dessert smorgasboard. LOL.

Janet Dean said...

Ah, Ruthy, as always you're more fun than a basket of playful puppies!

That gag reflex must be from too much dessert, not over stay-home-with-pay Mary.

Three rules for hiding the lumps. I just made 'em up so keep that in mind.

Rule 1: cover those lumps.

Rule 2: Never cover them with anything tight or stretchy or not fully lined.

Rule 3: Play up the good stuff. Cover your assets with anything tight, bright, out of sight. :-)



Missy Tippens said...

Janet, that could come in handy while traveling. :)


Janet Dean said...

You've got that right, Missy. I didn't get to enjoy as much of the wonderful Italian coffee as I'd have liked. Now if I'd been a camel, I could've carried the coffee in one of my lumps, oops, humps. ;-)


Pamela J said...

Though I can't drink coffee anymore because it doesn't like me, I have to agree with "I love coffee. ... And what’s dessert without coffee? Once in awhile I have to weigh the cost and have coffee anyway with my dessert and thoroughly enjoy it, every drop, unless the dessert ends before the coffee. Please enter me in the ONLY UNI drawing, I have read the first chapter somewhere and would be thrilled to get to read the whole book. Thanks.
cepjwms at yahoo dot com

Janet Dean said...

Pam, my heart goes out to you for having to curtail coffee. At least you can enjoy a good book. Thanks for posting!


Hope Chastain said...

This was a delight, not only the interview, but also all the comments! I'm not sure what kind of dessert I'd be, but it would probably have chocolate in it...or strawberries. Please enter me in the ONLY UNI drawing. I loved SUSHI FOR ONE. Thanks!

hope _ chastain [at] yahoo [dot] com (no spaces)

Becca Dowling said...

Janet and Camy,
Loved the interview...double the fun learning about both of you.

As far as dessert, I'd be a couple chocolate chip oatmeal cookies - sweet, delicious and not ALL that bad for you...

Please put me in the drawing for Only Uni. Enjoyed Sushi for One very much.


Stacey said...

Ooh, please put my name in for the drawing. Camy is one of my faves, and I can't wait to read this book! Thanks.


Shirley said...

Great blog idea! And great interview! I sympathize on the need for caffeine!


Mary Connealy said...

Tight, Bright, Outa Sight

I am totally naming a book that.

Carole said...

I really enjoyed this interview, and look forward to continuing on in Camy's series. Best wishes to you, Camy, and thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.

cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

Cherie J said...

Would love to enter the drawing for this book. I have Sushi for One which was a great story and I am sure this will be just as great.


Camy Tang said...

Thanks for having me here, Janet! This was fun!

Janet Dean said...

It was my greatest pleasure, Camy. Come back soon.