Thursday, April 12, 2007

My husband is retired and we spent two months in Florida. We had a wonderful, relaxing time with beautiful weather after the first two cool weeks. We played golf, ate lots of delicious seafood, walked the white sand and soaked up some rays, took in the Circus and played with Mickey and the grandkids. We watched the egrets and ibis fish and looked for "our" alligator in the pond out back. We witnessed dozens of vultures feasting on a dead gator floating in a nearby lake. Most days, with the doors thrown open to the balmy breezes, I managed to write. Then we came home to...well, not such beautiful weather--a mix of snow, sleet, drizzle and fog-- and mounds of dirty clothes, but oh, it's great to be home again! And spring is in the air. Honest. I can feel it.


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