Friday, April 13, 2007


We arrived home from Florida the night before Easter Sunday to a bare refigerator and two months of stuff to put away. After two days on the road and unpacking and laundry to do, I knew I'd have no time or energy to prepare for Easter dinner, so we'd ordered a grocery store prepared meal. Sunday morning we received a huge blessing as we worshipped with our home church, sang the old hymns and focused on the greatest gift to man--Jesus, our Saviour. I left church full of gratitude, heading home to the meal my husband had picked up before church. Though I was skeptical, the food was good, but the menu was, well, different. We had enough spiral ham to feed 20. Enough baked beans and rolls to feed almost that many. (Is baked beans traditional Easter fare for someone?) Rice broccoli casserole to serve maybe eight. The mashed potatoes served four not-so-generous helpings. Oh, yes and gravy. Lots of gravy. And an apple pie for dessert. Now that makes four starches, an odd menu indeed, but I added a leafy salad and we all left the table with full bellies and light hearts, glad for the lack of preparation and cleanup. I usually knock myself out cooking for holidays. I may have to rethink that. :-) This Easter dinner taught me that it's not the food, but the family gathered around the table that fills my cup to overflowing. God bless.


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