Monday, June 4, 2007

Typing The End.

I've been working on a book to follow Orphaned Hearts, my inspirational historical to be released in September 2008 by Steeple Hill. Typing The End brought such a feeling of satisfaction and of relief and of hope. Satisfaction to have given Mary and Luke the happy ending they deserved. Relief that I've accomplished my goal without tearing out my hair. And hope that my editor at Steeple Hill will love and want to buy the book. I can't control the latter. All I can do is to write the best book I know how. Luckily, while I wait to hear, I have lots to keep me occupied.

My husband and I are taking a trip to Italy. I'm angsting over which clothes will fit in the suitcase without tipping the fifty pound limit. And how few shoes I will be able to take. And what liquids are permitted in my carry on. I'm a nervous flier whose never flown over the ocean, nor taken such a long flight so I'm saying my prayers and trying to ignore that part of the trip. Wish I could remember who said it, but somewhere I read: Courage--Fear that's said its prayers. Isn't that so true? Life has its scary moments. Sadly some are not "what ifs," but "what is." In the little and the big things we must cope with, aren't we thankful as believers to have the ear of God? To know He's with us through it all? That The End of our journey will be an eternal, happy one?

Until next time, God bless.


Shirley Jump said...

I love that saying! And will have to write that one down :-) Flying over the ocean isn't so bad, really, because you usually are up so high you can't even see it. Landing on an ocean strip airport (like Logan) -- that terrifies me.

Glad to hear you typed The End! always a great feeling!


Diann Hunt said...

Great post, Janet!! You know how I relate to that flying-over-the-water thing!!! Hey, here's an idea: read a good book! *g* You'll be there before you know it and what fun to go to Italy!!!!!!

Have a super time, you deserve it! Congrats on completing your story!!

Debby Giusti said...

Hi Janet,
Love your blog and your website! Looking forward to seeing you at RWA in July!

Liz Flaherty said...

Now that I got my own blog, I'm playing around way too much on other people's!

I love your website. It's so very peaceful.

I am missing NIRA these days, aren't you?

Janet Dean said...

Thanks for stopping, Liz. I miss NIRA and I miss you. Let's make a date.