Sunday, July 29, 2007

Isalo Bella, an Island in Lake Maggiore at the foot of the Alps in the northern lake district of Italy. We toured the lovely home on the island.

Hydrangeas were huge and plentiful in northern Italy's moderate climate.

Tomorrow Venice. Hope you'll come back!


Mary Connealy said...

I'll tell you a story about myself and Rome.
When I was a kid we lived way out in rural Nebraska (I still do). With eight kids and no money, we didn't get to the city much.
I remember going to Omaha when I was mid-elementary age and we must have just studied ancient Rome in school.
I saw for the first time in my life, an interstate highway with over passes. I remember driving UNDER a road and seeing the cars above me and just being awestruck by the hugeness of it.
It made me think of the roads, like the Appian Way in Rome and how they had survived all these hundreds and thousands of years.
I remember thinking the Interstate highway was like that.
This is something that will survive. For a long time after that I wanted to build roads. An odd interest for a young country girl. But the eternal-ness of it, plus the way they worked, the on ramps, the twists and turns seemed really smart and exciting.
I ended up being a farm wife and stay-at-home mom instead.
And now a published author.
You know, writing a book and raising a child, especially if you're doing it for the Lord, is it's own kind of eternal work.
So, no interstate for me. But I've built something eternal in my own way.
You too.
Thanks for the pictures and I can't wait for Orphaned Hearts.

Janet Dean said...

You have built a road Mary, a tough, sometimes long road--the road to publication. :-) I'm a big fan of Mary's writing. If you love to laugh and want a fast-paced read, grab a copy of Petticoat Ranch.