Sunday, July 29, 2007

Milan's Gothic style Cathedral was built of white marble. Construction began in 1386, but the facade was only finished in 1809, finally completed in 1897. Napoleon was crowned Emperor here.

The ceiling of an arch outside Milan's Duomo looks like a painting, but it's a mosaic, created with tiny pieces of glass or stone. The detail is amazing.

The tour made a brief stop in Laguana, Switzerland on our way to Lake Maggoire. Long enough to get a snack and shop for watches. Pretty spot.

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Mary Connealy said...

The ancient architecture, plus the ocean, what a beautiful place.
I'd love to hear more about Italy outside of the tourist attractions, but I dont' suppose you went there, huh?
I mean, does Rome have suburbs, with split level housing? Stuff like that?
New schools, shiny hospitals?
As an outsider my focus is so much on the historical stuff, but I wonder how 'normal' European cities are, using of course my own standards for defining normal.