Thursday, October 11, 2007

Finished with my revisions!

Whew, do I feel great! I just finished revising my second book per my editor's suggestions and I'm very pleased. And happy. And thanking God for the peace He gave me during the process. And hoping my editor will like the book as much as I do. Actually I may not be totally done. My critique partner will take a look at the last couple of chapters tomorrow and may have a few suggestions. More like several. :-) Either way, I'll mail the complete to my editor on Monday, meeting my goal.

And then I'll get back to book three that very same day. Poor Fannie and Luke surely must miss me. Since they can't take a step or speak a word without my permission. Oh, the power of a writer. ;-)

Besides finishing my revisions, I have other news. A group of very special writer friends and I have started a new blog. About half of us are published and the other half are very close. When we started chatting none of us had sold. We'll have lots to say about contests and the part they played in helping us reach our goal, along with whatever else is on our minds. If you're a writer looking for information on contests or a reader who enjoys hearing about the ups and downs of fifteen writers' journeys, then stop in at

Another fun spot to visit later this month is Steeple Hill's Harvest Festival on the Steeple Hill boards October 22-26 where you can chat with wonderful authors, play games, and win great prizes. Go to Community.

Hope to see you on both sites!

Blessings all!



Myra Johnson said...

Yea, Janet! Congrats on finishing your revisions and getting off to such a great start on book 3. I am going to be so proud to say I knew you when!

Looking forward to your insightful comments on the Seeker blog, too, you double Golden Heart finalist, you!

Janet Dean said...

You Golden Heart winner, you!!! That contest was a great one! Even if you did beat me because it brought you and Tina into my life. Another big plus for contests!

Mary Connealy said...

You know Myra actually WEARS THAT GOLDEN HEART AROUND? I hadn't ever seen one before...
The Seekers are gonna have fun. Let me apologize right now because for some reason I seem to be being really BOSSY.
Glad the book is going well, Janet.

Janet Dean said...

That Golden Heart is a beauty, isn't it? But sigh, not to be. Guess we'll have to go for a Rita. Talk about adorable!

Feel free to boss all you want, Mary. That means less thinking for the rest of us.